Chorus rehearsal

7:30pm, Tue, Jun 11 2024

Event Details

Type of event: Rehearsal
Start time: 7:30pm
End time: 9:30pm
Venue: Grand Strand Community Church
3820 Holmestown Rd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
Regular chorus rehearsal. Visitors are most welcome. Kindly contact us prior to visiting so we can be prepared to expect you for your upmost enjoyment.


Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
7:30pmWarm-ups 10Chris Bianco 
7:40pmPerform songOld Songs, the (B♭)1Marty Rhoades 
7:41pmPerform songDown Our Way (B♭)1Marty Rhoades 
7:42pmPerform songHi Neighbor (B♭)1Marty Rhoades 
7:43pmRehearse songHappy Birthday (B♭)3Marty Rhoades 
7:46pmRehearse songSilhouettes (G)10Marty Rhoades 
7:56pmRehearse songKokomo (C)10Marty Rhoades 
8:06pmTeach songWagon Wheel (A)10Chris Bianco2nd Verse, review intro, 1st verse, and chorus
8:16pmAnnouncements 10Dan McGlynn 
8:26pmTeach songSh-Boom (Life Could be a Dream) (F)15Chris Bianco 
8:41pmRehearse songAfter You've Gone (B♭)5Marty Rhoades 
8:46pmRehearse songCarolina in the Morning (C)5Marty Rhoades 
8:51pmRehearse songUnder the Boardwalk (A♭)5Marty Rhoades 
8:56pmRehearse songLion sleeps tonight (F)5Chris Bianco 
9:01pmRehearse songCountry Roads Take Me Home (B♭)5Marty Rhoades 
9:06pmPerform songParting Glass - ballad (B♭)3Marty RhoadesPrepare to record on Cell phone
9:09pmPerform songIrish blessing (F)2Marty Rhoades 
9:11pmPerform songKeep the Whole World Singing (E♭)3Marty Rhoades 
Program Duration: 104 minutes; Finish time: 9:14pm